A few words on myself😂😂

Sometimes I get disturbance and i am disturbed. Meanwhile Wen I think sometimes that I shouldn’t get disturbed by others opinion, I feel a bit relax. I still want to reatin myself always. I don’t want to loose me. things I like I never want to give up. I deserve wat I have in my life. if u wanna go. Just move. I can stay alone . 


It’s Tuesday morning

Above u can see a green snake sleepy pic .       I got up . But still sleeping on bed,with  cuddling pillow . I don’t want to get up from my bed. Not even like to sneak out of blanket. I want to sleep warm. I don’t care war plans i have for  today. I want to sleep deep. Banglore is so cold in  this season . I wish everyone had their good deep sleep. I am sleeping again   ..Close your eyes fall asleep with a dream in it. 😴😴😴

Morning smile🙂

Last night l  had slept late. But morning I woke up fresh, I don’t know how . I had a pretty smile on my face. A person saw me but no smile from their side. I wondered why couldn’t they smile back at me. But i don’t care . The smile comes from me not from others. I walked to bus stop.  The day went well at my college.  

I love my friends. My classes and my lecturers. They share their experiences with us. I would wonder all day. Thinking  of my past.  There was a good end . Bye guys 😊