Being Jealousy

Just because I am jealousy. Yes I am, that’s how I over come others. I don’t think being jealous make our character bad. Being jealousy has good reason too. I like to be one such, but not expressing out. That’s how I am safe behind. Feeling bad for myself because not doing well in studies than others , a kind of jealous. That’s ok I am regretting it for now.


Add Colours

Wow. This picture is so awesome. I liked it. Flowers are considered always beautiful. Well this amazing art has a good credit for making more beautiful. Loved the pictures art. Great work.


Don’t waste your energy to making others dream come true.

Make use of others energy to make your dreams come true.

By Amaranth sir,

Our beloved lecturer for giving us wonderful knowledge in every classes. He is one of my inspiration.

The Beauty and the Beast

It’s a movie. I just saw today. It was fantastic and I liked a lot. Emma was looking so cute . She could love a beast , well I wish I could love a beast too. Beast is like a stranger ,no need to get afraid. I would like to be with a beast because they are different from others. They could protect us, and give us lots of love and be affectionate with us. I can dream such a life alone. A big palace with all our needs. And a pet, staying with our parents and siblings. There is a time to make love with my boyfriend. I think a lot about his happiness more then mine. I may not be beauty and he may not be beast here. We are not just a normal loving couple. He is great in making love with me, i wish to stay with him forever. I would like to write more on my love. I need much time to make it perfect writings .

Little words

If minds are disturbed loneliness takes over it. So don’t be lonely when your mind is disturbed. Just have one friend like me then you will be completely okay. Want to know who is that friend. It’s him , yes shiju who else will I tell about. Ha ha he is my friend . Good one.

Its my courage

I had a subject called visual programming for this fourth semester,handled by a new lecturer. She doesn’t know me well, but we call her as a very strict and bad. No teachers would ever questioned me ever for answers related to subjects. But yesterday she asked me a question as I was sitting quiet. I too answered in one shot. She just stared and told , ” don’t show your attitude to me!”.

How can she say those words to me, where I never heard in my life by anyone saying that to me. I got angry and confused ,why did I get such words from her. That was too bad. Later I asked my friends , and they explained me about it. They said I shouldn’t have answered in one shout with louder voice. It was so disgusting, I didn’t like that moment.

So then I decided that I am not going to leave that subject and prove my little knowledge with or without her teaching. I am not scared of anyone here. What ever happens is for good they say. I too took it in good manner cause I do believe in God always. I got my own courage towards me, I still feel happy myself.

Friendship of mine

Shiju is a small boy. This is the way I felt for first time and started our conversation. He is by default being good to everyone. I bet no else can be like him , I can never find like him. But he is with me now and ever. Doesn’t it feel great ? Yes it is,to me. Friendship is stronger then love they say. For the first time I felt it. It is also stronger and better without jealous . I never believed in closer friendship . You made my thinking false now. I am thankful to you. When I still think of him I get a small smile on my face , this is what he made me to be and a great gift I received . We shared, talked, laughed, teased a bit. If it is a true friendship it must be shiju friendship to anyone. I won’t let him feel bad . He didn’t teach me anything, it’s everything felt. This happened to me like a miracle. I am thankful to you Shiju. He is my best friend I ever had. I felt true friendship only by him. A man who can completely spend his time only for showing his friendship to a girl. Not more not less everything can be felt deep in my heart. I just missed you for few days, there I got to know more and missed you . I said I am gone blind in your friendship to him where others fall blind in love. I never heard anyone falling blind in friendship. He is good by his heart. You spent your special time to me so I really feel happier. I never met you, I believe you truly. You may be apart from me this is why it makes us connected . You are such a great person , you taught me things. I can’t give up your friendship . I need u to be with me always and talk to me . I should meet you once in my life and spend good time nothing else is needed from you. I should have posted this a long back. But I want to write more about him without any less words. Today he is angry on me, I am the reason for it. I should ask sorry, And I am sorry shiju please. Don’t mistake me, I just left you suddenly for no reason. I know my friends whose is gonna read this are gonna get jealous or angry or think bad of me. I don’t care for them. This is special post for you shiju. When ever I think of you I feel really happy . I have a lot more to tell I will keep writing it . Friendship is dedicated did you Shiju. Nowne lazy to write more. I am stopping here . Do not value the things you have in your life. But value who you have in your life. Friends do not have to always be together to remain friends . Good friends are separated for years. We are too. Hope to meet u soon . 😊